Kingdom Hearts 3: Fan Analysis Spilled The Beans

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series are highly encouraged to check out the fan-made analysis video above that tells everything there is to know on what is coming in the upcoming sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Unlike most analysis, the video above is actually based on every teaser and trailer on Kingdom Hearts 3. Apparently, the video creator was able to confirm a lot of exciting things just from observing the official clips on Kingdom Hearts 3.

In one of the trailers, the fellow actually pointed out how Unreal 4 game engine will improve the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 3. Furthermore, another trailer revealed that Sora and his companion will all be dressed differently as the characters have matured in age.

Of course, there are many more reveals in the trailers like the game’s plot and such. Kingdom Hearts fans should not hold back from watching the short clip above.

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