Kingdom Hearts 3: Crazy Additions Confirmed!

Kingdom Hearts 3’s co-creator, Tai Yasue, went public earlier today to reveal more details on the highly anticipated game. Tai addresses the speculations that have been linking Marvel Heroes and Star Wars characters with Kingdom Hearts 3.

In a short interview, the lad confirmed that Iron Man will be added in Kingdom Hearts 3. The Marvel Hero is a popular figure in the world and it will surely make the upcoming sequel more interesting.

Furthermore, Tai revealed that Star Wars’ antagonist, Darth Vader, too will be coming into the game. Some might argue that the addition of Star Wars will spoil the power balance in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, Tai assured the fans that Darth Vader has been carefully analysed and is safe to make an appearance in the game.

While no details on the role of Iron Man and Darth Vader were shared, fans can expect the former to be a small side-mission, and the latter to be a hidden boss fight. Who knows? Defeating Darth Vader may also allow the Keyblade to transform into a lightsabre.

Whatever the outcome may be, fans trust Square Enix will deliver a great game ahead. The game developer has never failed in making a great Kingdom Hearts game so it is safe to assume that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be as awesome as ever.

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