Kingdom Hearts 3: Boss Fight Propositions!

Now that Square Enix is developing Kingdom Hearts 3,the villains have been the buzz among the fans as they can’t wait to see which secret evil-doers will give them a hard time in the game.

The first character in the mind of the fans is obviously Sephiroth. Of course, there is no possible way of seeing the boss not making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Aside from him, Cactuar and Kefka are among the most common names mentioned. Both bosses have been really challenging and they get stronger as the series progress.

Then there is Lightning from the Final Fantasy franchise. While it may not be a fan-favourite, the Kingdom Hearts community would love to give the unwanted boss the perfect death.

All in all, the bosses in Kingdom Hearts 3 are expected to take the fight to a whole new level. With the game still in development, Square Enix might just consider giving the fans what they want.

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