Kingdom Hearts 3 Arrives In Store Shelves This December?

We’re sure that many Kingdom Hearts gamers are excited for the release of the Kingdom Hearts 3. But, will the game hit the market soon?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is already reaching its final stage of production, and rumor has it that the game might arrive in December this year, which is about two months from now. This is due to the reason that it is already in Amazon’s list of game, but fans should not get too excited because that could just be the pre-order of the game.

Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 director said that the exchange of engines during the game development is the reason behind the late arrival of the game. He further mentioned “The transition was quite a process. We pretty much had to start from the ground again. We had to make sure that we could recreate our key effects in the Unreal Engine and that the effects we specifically needed for Kingdom Hearts could be adapted.”

Well, let’s see if the news is true and if it is, then it is a good news to Kingdom Hearts 3 fans.

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