Kingdom Hearts 3: All KH3 Fans Right Now

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have never stopped buzzing about the upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts 3. The game is currently is understood to be in its final stages of development by Square Enix but the recent word from the game developer has been nothing but bad news.

Just yesterday, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 has been delayed further. So instead of a December release, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be making its debut next year.

On the other hand, fans didn’t feel disappointed at all and accepted that the delay is only for the best of the game. Fans agreed that they trust Square Enix and would rather have the game developer to take their time with Kingdom Hearts 3, rather than rushing its release.

Even so, it does sound worrying as this is the third announcement in a row that confirms Kingdom Hearts 3 release date delay. The Kingdom Hearts fans truly deserve the respect of the masses for how they behave throughout the wait. Any game developer will kill to have fans like that.