Kingdom Heart 3: Star Wars 7 Characters On The Table?

With the new Star Wars Movie now release, some fans are saying that we might be seeing some of the characters from the latest movie make their way into the Kingdom Heart 3 game.

Of course, this would not have been possible before since the development for the game Kingdom Heart 3 will on its way but with the announcement that Square Enix will be changing the engine for the game, is there a possibility that we might see some characters from the Force Awaken in the third installment?

Square Enix did say that it almost felt like they were building the game from scratch after they made the decision to switch the engine of the game. Because of that, it is estimated that the game will only be arriving late next year or maybe even in 2017 which will give them ample of time to work in some of the characters.

Would you like to see the characters from Star Wars: The Force Awaken in the Kingdom Heart 3 game?

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