Kingdom Heart 3: Fans Would Take Poorer Graphic For A Quicker Release Anytime

We have already seen a few trailer and a few gameplay footages from the upcoming game Kingdom Heart 3 and while we do agree that the game is looking incredible right now, most fans seems to think that they would rather have the game with the same Kingdom Heart 2 graphic is that meant that they did not have to wait a decade for the game to arrive.

The last Kingdom Heart 2 game was released 11 years ago and when it looked like we might be getting close to the release, the developers came out to say that they are going to push it back even further.

At this point, we are starting to feel a little worried for Square Enix. After all the hyped that they have built up, it could all come crashing down on them when the game finally arrives. Fans are already imagining a game where Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar comes together and we do not know if the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 is able to meet their high expectations.

Steven Estevez

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