Kia Rio SUV: Kia’s Answer For The Nissan Juke

It looks like Kia is looking to challenge the Nissan Juke and their weapon of choice could be the Kia Rio SUV.

It is believed that the new Kia Rio SUV will be coming in next year and that it will be powered by a plug-in hybrid engine. The new model should also be more appealing since it will be coming in with a bigger boot and a higher driving position.

The new Kia Rio SUV will be getting its styling inspiration from the standard Kia Sportage. The signature tiger nose grille should also be making its way onto the Kia Rio SUV. The Kia Rio SUV should be priced around £14,000.

There is not a whole lot of details about the upcoming Kia Rio SUV but we should be hearing more about it when we get closer to the release date next year. Should Nissan be worried? Protection Status