Kia Rio Fighting Ford Fiesta ST Not That Outrageous

Looking at what the Kia Rio has to offer right now, we could never imagine that it would one day take on the Ford Fiesta ST but it looks like that might actually happen in the future.

Albert Biermann, the engineering chief of Kia told AutoExpress that they are looking to develop a Kia Rio that will be running on a 3 cylinder turbocharged engine. According to Biermann, the Kia Rio has a very good base right now and they think it would work great with the three-cylinder turbo engine.

Of course, this is far from a confirmation since they have not decided on whether to go ahead with the project or not but if they do decide to give it the green light, we will most likely be seeing it with the Hyundai i20N powertrain since they are sharing the same platform.

Would you like to see Kia come out with a Ford Fiesta ST killer?


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