Jurassic Park 5 Release: More Dino Food Expected In Sequel

Jurassic World has been a huge hit at the cinemas and so this leads the way for Jurassic Park 5 or maybe Jurassic World 2. However there are some people who have said that the killings in Jurassic World crossed the line and were too much.

Chris Pratt will be in the movie Jurassic Park 5 as he was recently asked about future movies and he said that he thought they had him for around 38 movies. Of course it wouldn’t be any big surprise to see him back in the movie again as we saw Dr Wu leaving the island with a case packed full of embryos.

We also heard that a sequel, perhaps Jurassic Park 5, will be coming our way as a year ago it was said that they were already being written. Some people have said that it wasn’t so much all the deaths by dinosaur in the movie that were troubling, but how the dinosaurs were to eat people. You could usually tell which of the characters were going to get eaten in the movie when you saw them. These people thought that dinosaurs could actually be controlled and these people may have well had signs hung around their neck saying Dino food on them.

Jurassic World was actually designed with so much glass that you just knew the dinosaurs would run rampant and smash it. If you thought that the T-Rex in Jurassic Park was scary wait until you see the Indominus Rex. It seems that people weren’t just happy cloning dinosaurs, they had to go ahead and clone larger and meaner dinosaurs this time around. It also seems that the dinosaur can also lower its temperature and it can camouflage itself. This means that it can eat a lot of people.

Bring in vehicles such as the glass balls on wheels and anyone with a right mind can expect trouble. Even more so when they take the vehicle out of the area they are supposed to be in and they come face to face with the Indominus Rex. Of course this then leads to the main character having to come up against the Rex and take it down, but now before a lot of killing. So we know that there is going to be a Jurassic Park 5, and no doubt there will be another man eating dinosaur, but will it be even bigger than the Rex? How big is too big before things start to get stupid and surely they must have learned by now that you cannot keep dinosaurs in a theme park?

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