Jeep Renegade Looks For A New Winner

In case you don’t know, Movember is back which means it is time to grow that mustache of yours. Not only are men all over the world taking part in Movember as Jeep announce that they will also be getting in on the fun.

For starter, they will be selling some giant black mustaches for their Jeep models so that their customers can get one and stick it on their car. Each mustache will cast $49,99. Before you run out to get one, we need to warn you that you should not be driving over 40miles per hour with the mustache on.

Of course, you can still get it if you are not a Jeep driver. Just stick it onto whatever car you own.

But if you really want to have a Jeep to go with your giant mustache, well, you will have to start growing out your own mustache. Jeep announces that they will be giving away one new Jeep Renegade to the person that Tweets or Instagrams the most creative mustache image. You will need to post the image with the hashtag #JeepStacheContest to enter.

Jeep will also donate $1 for every hashtag to the Movember Foundation so keep sending in those pictures.

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