Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat: The Exterior Might Be Deceiving

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat model will come in as one of the must powerful SUV in the market but it might not look the part as Jeep does not plan to change much of the exterior.

We do not know what the Hellcat-powered model will be called but we know for sure that it will not be Hellcat as Jeep did mention that a Hellcat badge is out of the picture. Some said it will end up coming in with a Trackhawk badge.

Spy shots of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat model reveal a vehicle with a design close to the standard model. The only part that they covered by is the front bumper and grille suggesting that those parts will be slightly upgraded.

The Hellcat model will come running on a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine that should be pushing out about 707hp when it arrives next year.

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