Jeep Cherokee Not Hacker-Proof Just Yet

It looks like the Jeep Cherokee might not be hacker proof just yet but only if the owners did not upgrade their Jeep Cherokee’s software.

Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller, the same two hackers that managed to hack into the Jeep Cherokee the first time is now showing the world how they can still take control of the steering and cruise control of the Jeep Cherokee.

Although it is possible, the condition will be very hard to replicate in real-life. To actually hack into the Jeep Cherokee and gain control of it like these hackers, the Jeep Cherokee will actually need to be running on the older software. The hackers will also need to connect their laptop to the Cherokee.

Since the Jeep Cherokee that they hacked into wasn’t using FCA latest software, the pair of hackers will probably not be receiving the $1500 reward from FCA.

Steven Estevez

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