Jaguar XJ Taking On Porsche The Right Move?

The Porsche Panamera seems to be getting all the attention now but that might not last especially if Jaguar does decide to join in with an upgraded Jaguar XJ.

Car Advice reported that Jaguar might be working on a new Jaguar XJ that they will be using to compete with the new Porsche Panamera. It has been reported that the Jaguar XJ will be coming in with a new exterior styling.

It is believed that Jaguar is still trying to decide if the Jaguar XJ should be given a more iconic and classy design or be fitted with a new design. If Jaguar does go ahead with it, the Jaguar XJ will most likely be coming in with a V8 engine.

Jaguar Australia also added that the XJ will be the “showcase for new and cutting-edge jaguar technologies” which means it will be fitted with the latest tech Jaguar will have to offer.

Should Jaguar go ahead with their plan or are they being too ambitious?

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