iPod Touch 5G iOS 8.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak (Easiest Method)

Taig is certainly making a name for itself in the tech industry since it is the only entity that is able to jailbreak the latest iOS 8.1.1. Just last week, iPhone users running on the iOS 8.1.1 learnt on how to jailbreak their smartphone with Taig. Today, it is the iPod Touch 5G’s turn.

Before we get to the installation guide, it is important to note that the Taig jailbreak process can only work with a Windows-operated PC that has iTunes installed. Also, if you are an iPod Touch 5G user and wish to jailbreak the device, please create a backup first prior to the installation.

Flashing Instruction

1. Download Taig and store it in a new folder on your desktop. If the downloaded file is in ZIP format, then extract it on that same folder.
2. On the iPod, turn of Passcode under the TouchID settings.
3. Similarly, turn off Find My iPod services.
4. When ready, connect the iPod and launch Taig.
5. The program will automatically detect the device and populate the screen accordingly.
6. There are two checked box. Un-tick the second box that is described in Chinese.
7. Hit the big green button to commence.
8. Upon completion, you will be greeted with a big smiley. Unplug the iPod and enjoy the jailbreak.