iPhone & iPad Prices Sinks In The UK

If there is a great time to shop for new iPhone and iPad, it is now. Both products from Apple are going off for a steal after a company called Phones4u decided to cash in on its inventory upon declaring bankruptcy.

Each item is brought to an auction house where John Pye Auctions is handling the liquidation. In total, there are about 600,000 items that are going off on sale and they retail at £10.8m. The eye candy of them all will be the Beats headphones, iPhone 5S/5C and the iPad Air as well as iPad Mini.

This is an auction consumers should not miss out on as it sees the iPad going off from just £2. While the auction might take place in the UK, it is worth noting that international consumers too can shop for them. However, the auction does not offer any shipping services and items are to be collected by hand in London.