iPhone iOS 8.2 Untethered Jailbreak: What Security?

Apple had just rolled out the iOS 8.2 yesterday and it is said to come with many bug fixes and also security enhancement. Well, jailbreak iPhone users don’t have to worry about anything at all as Taig is compatible with the latest firmware.

The group of hackers from China has made it known earlier today that they have given the Taig jailbreak a small-time update to be compatible with the iOS 8.2 For fans that have yet to jailbreak their device, they can do so now and it is a rather simple process.

All that the iPhone users need is a Windows-operated PC that has iTunes installed. Prior to the installation, iPhone users also have to ensure that their device is backed up. Also, the Find My iPhone service and TouchID has to be switched off, and the device has to be set in Airplane Mode. If the entire checklist is completed, then by every mean, users can proceed with the installation (Guide Below).

Please be warned that we won’t be responsible for any damages that are caused by the jailbreak process. Also, do make sure that the iPhone has at least 80% battery left to avoid any disruption that may occur during the installation.

Flashing Instruction
1. Download Taig v1.0.1 on your PC and run the file as administrator.
2. Connect the iPhone and Taig should be able to detect it.
3. There will be two ticked boxes appearing in Chinese language. Un-check the second box before clicking on the proceed button.
4. The installation should commence and upon completion, the iPhone should reboot with Cydia on the home screen.

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