iPhone iOS 8.2 Poses No Challenge To TaiG Jailbreak

Is the iOS not a secured platform anymore? This was the question raised after a phenomenon took place with the latest iOS 8.2. The new system was launched by Apple with tons of security upgrades but it took only hours for TaiG to launch a small time update to ensure that iPhone users can still jailbreak their device.

The team of hackers from China is the new name on the block and it is already becoming the leading entity in offering jailbreaks. This cannot be helped as TaiG is ultra-quick and super-efficient in providing a jailbreak with every new iOS and firmware update launched by Apple.

If you are an iPhone user and with to jailbreak your device, it is really easy to do it on your own. Thanks to TaiG, all that is needed is a Windows PC that has iTunes pre-installed and TaiG downloaded. For the process, please refer to the following instructions:

1. Create a backup of the iPhone
2. Ensure that Find My iPhone and TouchID is switched off
3. Put The iPhone in Airplane Mode
4. Ensure 80% remaining battery before proceeding

Flashing Instruction
1. Connect the iPhone to the PC
2. Run Taig as administrator
3. The software should detect your device automatically
4. Uncheck the second box and click on the large green button at the bottom right of the screen
5. The process should commence automatically and when done, the iPhone will reboot into the jailbroken iOS 8.1.2

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