iPhone iOS 8.1.2: Jailbreak Not Bothered By Updates

It seems that Taig is fast becoming a strong entity in the world of iPhones as it is the fastest and most efficient way for iPhone users to jailbreak their device.

This is evident when Apple launched iOS 8.1.2 and it didn’t take Taig even a day to patch the jailbreak so that it remains compatible with the system. Now, jailbreak lovers are singing praises to Taig and many are beginning to forget about jailbreak legends, Evad3rs.

Of course, the shortcomings with Taig are that applying the update requires a Windows PC with iTunes installed. The jailbreak does not work if installed through a Mac. The other flaw with Taig is the language. Being a jailbreaker from China, the system from Taig is all in Chinese characters. Thankfully, there are some bilateral chaps that have aided in explaining on how the process works.

With that being said, consumers should not hold back and start updating their iPhone to iOS 8.1.2. After all, the jailbreak is already available and it is widely used by the community.

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