‘iPhone 7′ Released In China As The World Watches On

Over in China, there is no ethics when it comes to releasing a new smartphone. As the world waits on for Apple to release iPhone 7 next year, China is already enjoying the device as it is being sold on their streets.

Of course, it is not the authentic Apple iPhone 7 we are talking about here. The device in question can be found throughout China, hiding under a box that looks as if it really came from Apple. Also, the structure of the iPhone 7 looks authentic as it comes with a lightning cable port.

When switching the iPhone 7 on, one can see the latest iOS 8.1 powering the device. Then again, every authenticity collapses the moment App Store is opened. Apparently, the app will bring users to the Google Play Store.

Apparently, the iOS skin is nothing more than a mod which is superbly done to make the counterfeit device appear like the real thing. Copyright has always been an issue in China and it is amazing how they are able to replicate almost anything in this world.

This leaves us to the question, why won’t they use their skills to produce something extraordinary for the world?

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