iPhone 6 With Dual-Projector Visualization Distracts From More Down-To-Earth Leaks

Those looking forward to the release date of the Apple iPhone 6 may be interested in a concept that shows the handset being able to transform into a computer projector.  Now be warned that this is as far-fetched as it gets and in no way comes close to the actual iPhone 6 leaked specs we’ve seen so far.

It has been said that the Apple iPhone 6 could come out in March of this year, but one fan hasn’t been able to wait and instead has gone on to show off a concept iPhone 6 that is nothing short of amazing.

The concept version of the Apple iPhone 6 is shown off in a video that makes the iPhone 6 more along the lines of a Transformer. Owners would just have to put the device down on a flat surface and the handset would show two projectors, with a keyboard in front on the desk and a full sized display on the wall. This means that it would be possible to have a OS X Mac computer and carry it around with you.

Of course, Apple more than likely won’t release an iPhone 6 that is so amazing. We know this based on rumours and speculation about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. We also know that devices very rarely live up to all the hype that surrounds them and they certainly don’t match concepts.

If Apple were to launch an iPhone like this concept version of the iPhone 6 they would be on to a winner and there is no doubt that they could do with something new in 2014 to compete against Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

DigiTimes reported that Apple could launch the iPhone 6 with an IGZO display that Sharp had manufactured, and the displays are said to be the thinnest along with being the lightest on the market.

IGZO is indium gallium zinc oxigo and the display would also use less power so the battery of the Apple iPhone 6 would last longer.

Apple have not yet confirmed the iPhone 6, despite the rumours going around about the specs of the device.

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