iPhone 6 May Get Blindsided By S5 Prime & Mega Note 4

Apple could be about to launch the iPhone 6 in September, however there have been reports going around that Samsung could blindside Apple event with the launch of two new flagship devices early on the same month. These would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

This came to light after @evleaks went on Twitter and shared photos that were said to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime has been called the Galaxy F, which is thought to be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a more premium finish and with better specs.

The images shown off by @evleaks were the Galaxy F and it does seem to be a clone of the normal Samsung Galaxy S5 with a casing of metal, the back of the device showed off a brushed aluminium finish.

BGR said that @evleaks had clarified that the photos didn’t belong to him originally but had come from a source. He also pointed out that the details which came with the photos were “completely unconfirmed, unverified (and) unsubstantiated.”

Rumours are that the Samsung Galaxy F aka Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, has the Snapdragon 805 processor and a display of Quad HD at 5.3 inches.

What was of interest was the fact that BGR said the device is going to come out at the Unpacked Episode 2 event. Episode 1 is in reference to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in March of this year.

In the past the Unpacked 2 event has been associated with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet and we believe that this year it will be the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to make an appearance, to coincide with the Berlin IFA 2014 Edition.

So if in fact the report was to turn out to be true then it would do away with the previous indications that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is going to arrive on 12 June. The information also said that fans of Samsung should expect a twin launch at the event in September.

The question is, why would Samsung launch two premiums handsets at the same time?

This could be down to the fact that we have heard that Apple will roll out the iPhone 6 around the fourth week in September. It has been said that we could see a 4.7 inch model along with a 5.5 inch phablet. This could be why Samsung are launching two handsets.

Samsung would want to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime out into the market well before the iPhone was launched.

So it does look like we could see two Galaxy devices fighting it out with two handsets from Apple, around the same time.

Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as the killer of the Apple iPhone 6. They will do this thanks to tech including a curved or bendable display and a form factor that is mysterious.

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