iPhone 6 vs 5S: Big Screen vs Great Style

The latest Apple iPhone 6 is truly a magnificent smartphone to own. It became a huge success the moment it made its debut last year and this is mostly owed to the large display screen. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 can never be viewed as something pretty.

Unlike the previous iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 felt cheap. Many iPhone purists are claiming that Apple has lost it with the sixth-gen device and this is due to the poor built quality. It is revealed that the iPhone 6 looks washed out and every purist is unhappy with the lens bump.

Hence, this has got old iPhone users to upgrade to the iPhone 5S. The latter exemplifies beauty as it comes with a sharper design with high-end finishing. The Space Grey model, in particular, looks luxurious and flawless.

This basically explains why there are still many iPhone 5S buyers around. The remarkable beauty of the iPhone 5S gives the impression that it is really powerful despite its age. So which would you settle for? The larger iPhone 6 or the beautiful iPhone 5S? For us, we vote the latter.

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