iPhone 6 Stock Plenty, Time For Deals

Back when Apple released the iPhone 6 last September, the device is sold out all over the world in its first month. Now, the sales of iPhone 6 are slowing down but stocks are at an all-time high.

This is thanks to the new stock management method practiced by Apple which now lists the iPhone 6 availability instead of segregating the iPhone 6 based on whether they are carrier-locked or unlocked.

With sales moving at snail pace, market analysts are expecting the stocks to be cleared very soon when Apple starts putting the iPhone 6 on sale. Otherwise, the slow selling iPhone 6 will look to last in months to come, at least until Apple launches the highly anticipated Apple Watch.

As such, consumers can start looking forward to seeing the iPhone 6 prices dropping drastically when they are put on an irresistible deal. Of course, we have no clue to when that may happen.

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