iPhone 6 Plus vs iPad Mini: Go For the iPhone

Over the years, consumers have been pleading for Apple to produce large iPhones. Well, their wish was answered last September when Apple released their first ever phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus.

Then again, critics were loud in claiming that there is no need for the iPhone 6 Plus with the iPad Mini around. Well, there is actually a big difference in size between both devices with the former offering a 5.5” screen while the latter has 7.9” to offer.

In other words, it is still possible to keep the iPhone 6 Plus in some pockets while there is no way to carry the iPad Mini around without a bag or sacrificing one hand.

Furthermore, consumers are able to insert a SIM card into the iPhone 6 Plus and enjoy mobile data whereas the iPad Mini requires a Wi-Fi hotspot being activated.

As such, it is best for consumers to settle for the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the tablet. Even the statistics shows that the iPad Mini sales drop by 14% after the introduction of Apple’s first ever phablet.

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