iPhone 6 Nano: The Last Piece To Global Domination

Last September, like every other Septembers before this, Apple became a global phenomenon as it launches the all-new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Both variants of the sixth-generation device are built for different target audience.

The iPhone 6, in particular, comes with a 4.7” display for consumers that wish for a large smartphone that does not measure more than 5”. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other, is aimed at supplying iPhone lovers that have been craving for a phablet.

Soon, a third variant will be released and it is tipped to be the iPhone 6 Nano. Unlike the other two devices, the Nano will sport a 4” screen, just like the iPhone 5S. This will make it appealing for users who prefer one-handed use.

Furthermore, rumours are tipping that the iPhone 6 Nano will be coming with some decent old specs to ensure that the device will be the cheapest iPhones in history. If this is true, then Apple is disregarding its high-end stature to dominate the smartphone market entirely.

On a final note, the iPhone 6 Nano is said to make its debut this year. Of course, no specific dates were mentioned on when the launching will take place.