iPhone 6 & Galaxy Note 4 Will Be 5G Ready

Come 2020, the world will be shifting to a new speed called 5G. The technology is currently being developed by South Korea and it is now getting the aid of EU.

The fact that South Korea is the world’s leader in mobile technology automatically puts it ahead in 5G’S development. EU saw the speed of progress on the creation of 5G that it decided to take part in the development of this next-gen connectivity.

The EU will be responsible for the planning, research and development of the 5G network. Its participation will ensure that this new technology will be generalized on a global scale instead of being exclusive to Koreans.

The leading developer is none other than Samsung. The smartphone giant has just made a breakthrough that will benefit its future devices. In fact, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might just be 5G-ready for developers to utilize.

Bitter rivals Apple will surely not let Samsung get all the glory. With EU meddling in the 5G’s development, the iPhone 6 might get back door access to 5G technology.

If this is to happen, then it will surely be a fierce contest between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Apple iPhone 6 when they get released in September this year.

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