iPhone 6: Did Apple Built It Too Big

The latest Apple iPhone 6 is certainly a remarkable smartphone to own. However, consumers will either love it or hate it as the iPhone 6 is definitely not built for everyone.

This is because of its screen size which seems to be too large for a sector of the consumers. Apparently, there is a big group of people that still like the Apple iPhone to feature a screen size that is not bigger than 4”.

This also explains why there are still many iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S users around. Most of them are reluctant to upgrade to the iPhone 6 and are hoping for the next iPhone model to come with a small screen.

For most of these users, they admit that they find the large screen tedious to carry around. Meanwhile, the old iPhones can easily fit inside a pocket of any pants or jeans. Perhaps Apple did make the iPhone 6 too big.

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