iPhone 6 Best Feature Uncovered

Today is the last day in 2014 and what a tremendous year it has been for the smartphone industry. Back in September, Apple launched the all-new iPhone 6 and it is without a doubt, one of the biggest happening this year.

This is because the Apple iPhone 6 comes with tons of new features to offer like a larger screen, more connectivity options, the iOS 8 and many more. But when it comes to naming the best feature on the smartphone, consumers will be surprised when we say that it is with the device’s speakers.

Yes, some might argue that the speakers are actually the biggest flaw since they are poorly positioned at the bottom of the iPhone 6. Then again, it is wrong to criticize the speaker’s quality as it plays music loudly, clearly and with unmatched clarity.

We were amazed to discover this yesterday when we tested the speakers in a room that measures 9×10 feet and found that the speakers performed wonderfully well. It is ideal for iPhone 6 users to watch videos together with their friends without requiring an external speaker.

Even in outdoors, friends can gather together and watch a video without having to position their ears close to the speaker. Every sound wave that came out of the grille is very clear and loud. Of course, this is not to say that the speakers are fit to throw a party.

With that being said, it confirms that the speakers are the iPhone 6’s best feature. When compared to other devices, we feel that it comes in second, right behind the HTC One M8.

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