iPhone 5S Users Should Skip iPhone 6 & Anticipate iPhone 7: Here’s Why

Back in 2013, Apple launched the iPhone 5S and it is without a doubt one of the best smartphones in history. Heck, in some ways, the iPhone 5S is actually better than the iPhone 6. This brings us to the question, should existing iPhone 5S users upgrade to the iPhone 6 or wait for the iPhone 7?

To know for sure, we decided to compare the iPhone 5S with the iPhone 6 to see if the difference is narrow or huge. The first obvious difference between both devices is that the iPhone 5S is smaller than the iPhone 6.

In detail, the iPhone 5S houses a 4” display whereas the iPhone 6 came out with a 4.7” display. Despite the clear difference in size, it is still possible for one-handed usage with the iPhone 6 thanks to the new Reachability feature that tweaks the layout for ease of reach. Both set of displays has a pixel density of 326ppi.

When it comes to performance, the iPhone 6 runs on the newer Apple A8 chipset which has 25% faster CPU and 50% faster graphics than the older Apple A7 processor that is equipped on the iPhone 5S.

However, the iPhone 5S is able to last longer than the iPhone 6, even when it comes with a smaller 1,560mAh battery. The iPhone 6’s 1,810mAh battery is only able to last 12hours and 58minutes.

Apparently, the above are the only differences between both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S. In our books this is not enough to convince iPhone 5S users to perform a device upgrade. With every iPhone coming out with a large price tag, users might as well wait for the iPhone 7 that is coming out later this year.

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