iPad Mini 4: Idiotic Name But Likely To Come True

Come next year, Apple will be launching the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 3. Now, new rumours are circling the web, suggesting that the latter will be replaced by the iPad Air Plus.

The tablet is said to come with a 12.2” screen and will be powered by Apple’s upcoming A9 processor. In addition to that, the iPad Air Plus will have four speakers that are fixed around the edges.

The disturbing thing about the rumour is its name, which somehow suggests that Apple is out of ideas. Some Apple fans were shaking their head in disbelief when reading up the rumour, citing the device’s name as idiotic and typical of the company.

On the other hand, the iPad Air Plus will come together with the iPad Mini 4. The latter will be run on the latest Apple A8X processor and will come with a thinner design, much like the iPad Air 2. Heck, it is basically a smaller version of the latter.

For some, the above surely sounds exciting. Well, things is about to get better as the rumours suggest that both tablets will be launched before June next year.


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