iPad Air 3: Unsurprised By The Stupid Name

Every year, Apple refreshed its products with a successor that are often better and sometimes, more stylish with their names. Come next year, Apple will be launching the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 3 but unfortunately, the latter will be carrying a different name.

Dubbed as the iPad Air Plus, the large tablet will come with a 12.2” display and will run on the Apple A9 processor. Furthermore, the device will wear four speakers that are fixed around its edges.

For the many Apple fans, they couldn’t help but agree that the iPad Air Plus sounds really stupid and predictable. The larger iPhone 6 is known as the iPhone 6 Plus but that does not mean Apple must call the larger iPad Air 4 as the Air Plus.

On the other hand, there is the iPad Mini 4 that too will be making its debut next year. Unlike the iPad Mini 3 which is near-identical to the Mini 2, the Mini 4 will finally be a big upgrade as it looks to run on the Apple A8X processor.

Both devices are tipped to arrive before June next-year and fans are hoping for Apple to reconsider re-naming the iPad Air 3 into the iPad Air Plus.

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