iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Pro vs. iPad Mini 4: Fight!

Tablets, tablets everywhere! They’re all so synonymous to each other, how should I choose? Well, if you were to buy a tablet, chances are you’ll be putting a lot of factors into consideration: for one, it’ll most definitely be the display.

The three stellar Apple tablets are all so equally astonishing and equipped with Retina displays. But in terms of the best display, which of these will be the winner that takes it all? After rounds and rounds of lab measurements, it’s safe to say that there’ll be one victor among the iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4.

DisplayMate came to the rescue in answering this dilemma, and has saved us by carrying their very own lab measurements. And they are all based on categories such as the brightness and contrast, screen reflections, viewing angles, display power, colours and intensities as well as the LCD Spectra.

With iPad mini having the smallest screen of all the three tablets, its display features the highest ppi of all three; 326ppi and 264ppi for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 respectively. This difference shows how the iPad mini 4 is being viewed at a closer distance than of its siblings. Now we’ll take a detailed look of the three in lab measurements:

True Contrast Ratio

The best in this category goes to the iPad Pro, perhaps it’s all due to the lack of a Photo Aligned LCD that’s in both iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. The score for contrast ratio between iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro comes close, but the latter is still unbeatable.

Screen Reflectance

The iPad mini 4 surprisingly emerged as the winner with a Record Low Reflectance of 2.0 compared to its siblings, the iPad Air 2 (2.5 %) and iPad Pro (2.6 %).

Colour Gamut

iPad mini 4 once again emerged as the winner with 101 percent, followed by the iPad Pro (105 percent) and the iPad Air 2 (107 percent).

Image Contrast Accuracy

Without a doubt, the iPad mini 4 took the honours of this title with excellent image contrast accuracy, which is “close to perfect”. While the iPad Air 2 scored a “close to standard” accuracy, the latest iPad Pro had a very good, albeit slightly irregular, image contrast accuracy.

All in all, it’s the iPad mini 4 that emerged as the best among the three, excelling in every single test category except Contrast Ratio. The second place goes to the fairly well iPad Pro, while iPad Air 2 takes the last place, as it appears to be the weakest among the three. Now that we’ve mentioned it, we believe you’ll know which to pick the next time you’re at an Apple store.

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