iOS 8 Untethered Jailbreak Isn’t What It Sounds Like

Over the last couple of months, jailbreak iPhone users worldwide have been singing praises to one name and that is TaiG. The developer from China was the first and the fastest to offer a jailbreak for the new and improved iOS 8 which surpasses the expectations of the entire jailbreak community.

Yesterday, TaiG went on an interview and it gives the jailbreak community a golden opportunity at knowing the jailbreak developer better. The fellow that participated in the interview is known as XN and the lad claims that TaiG is developed by him.

Unlike Pangu or Evad3rs, TaiG is associated to only one company. Of course, XN avoided to go into details but the lad did rubbishes the growing rumours which suggest that TaiG is unsafe. XN simply says that they don’t go through the trouble to develop something unsafe and claims that TaiG jailbreaks are simply made to hand iPhone users more freedom with their device.

Also, XN was spotted agreeing that the tech power has shifted to China before claiming that the jailbraking scene is now led by TaiG, not Evad3rs. Then again, XN also claims that the TaiG project is not driven by money. Also, XN confirms that TaiG will be ready for future iOS updates to come.

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