iOS 8.3: How To Keep Them Batteries Lasting

The latest Apple iOS 8.3 is known for many great things but not battery life. Apple iPhone users with iOS 8.3 on board are struggling to ensure that the battery life is able to last for an entire day before needing recharge. Well, there are a couple of ways for users to achieve a full day of battery life and they are as follow:

1. Always switch off mobile data when not in use and you will see a big difference in your battery life.
2. Always keep brightness at its minimum. Only increase the brightness whenever you are using your iPhone outdoors.
3. Always leave one application running in the background. This is because iOS 8.3 works in way that when an app is running, it will freeze every other application.
4. Turn off battery percentage. Believe it or not, that extra detail on the screen actually sucks more power.
5. Make sure no emails are stuck in the network. Otherwise, the iPhone will continuously search for the email which drains the battery.

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