iOS 8.1 Untethered Jailbreak: Best New Tweaks (List)

Apple iPhone users running on the iOS 8.1 or even iOS 8.2 Beta can already jailbreak their device thanks to Taig. For those that have already done so, there are plenty of new jailbreak tweaks that are designed for the iOS 8.1. Here are some of those that you should look into.

1. Adaptive CC
This free tweak assists in resizing your control centre without taking up the full screen.

2. AlwaysFirstSwipe
This free tweak brings out the Notification and Control Centre whenever an app launches for the first time.

3. AppHeads
For a single fee of $4.99, you can enjoy a shortcut library that works like Facebook chat headers.

4. noNoSimAlert 8
This tweak is free and it removes the no SIM card alert whenever you wish to use the basic iPhone functions with a cellular network.

5. Safari No Bar Fullscreen
Applying this tweak will remove the Status Bar on the Safari browser. Also, it is free of charge.

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