Installation Guide: Skyrim Special Edition Mods For PS4, Xbox One

We all know that the best part about playing games like Skyrim on PC is the mods. To ensure that their console fans are not left out, Bethesda is now allowing console player to add mods to the game for the very first time. Here is how you can add mods to your Xbox One and PS4 Skyrim game.

Players will have to have a account. From there you can choose your console and see the mods that are available for that particular console right now. You can add the mods to your library so that you can find them faster on your console.

Open up Skyrim Special Edition on your console go to Mods and log on to your account. Now, choose the mod you want and download and enable it. Next, you will have to exit the menu and reload all game files.

Once that is done, enter the game and the changes should be there. Enjoy. Protection Status