Infiniti Q30 Might Come After Audi A3 Next

Since the Audi A3 is a sedan while the Infiniti Q30 is a hatchback, we probably won’t see the two crossing each others path anytime soon but things might start to heat up if Infiniti starts working on an Infiniti Q30 sedan.

The Infiniti Q30 was an instant hit and some people thinks that it would be even more successful if it were made into a sedan. The rendering you see here was created by artist Theophilus Chin who thinks that this is how the Infiniti Q30 might look like if it were made into a sedan.

The Infiniti Q30 Sedan would be able to take on the Audi A3 as well as the Mercedes-Benz CLA as well as the Audi A3. Of course, Infiniti has never hinted that they are thinking about making a sedan out of the Infiniti Q30 but don’t you wish they would after looking at this rendering by Theophilus Chin?

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