Infiniti Q30 Could Give Audi A3 A Run For Their Money

We know what you are thinking. How will the Infiniti Q30 be able to compete with the Audi A3 Sedan? Well, it could if it too was made into a sedan.

Although we don’t see it happening in the near future, artist Theophilus Chin thinks that if they do, this is how the Infiniti Q30 sedan should look like. After modifying the body shape, the Infiniti Q30 does look fantastic.

In fact, we think that the Infiniti Q30 might actually work but only if it was made to look like this concept by Theophilus. Of course, we don’t think Audi A3 will have to start worrying about a Q30 competitor soon but it does give us an idea of where Infiniti can go with their new design language.

Check out the concept design and tell us what you think. Head here to see the rest of the rendering by Theophilus Chin. Protection Status