Infiniti M35 Got On Chill

It seems like an issue with the Infiniti M35’s hybrid cooling system as prompted Infiniti to issue a recall. The recall came after NHTSA reported that the Hybrid cooling system on the Infiniti M35 might be faulty.

A total of 1140 owners in the US could be affected by the recall. Those affected are those made between the 23rd of March 2010 to 9th of September 2013. According to the report, the hybrid cooling system on the M35 can malfunction under certain condition.

If that happens, the warning light should go on indicating that it has malfunction but if the driver chooses to ignore it, the hybrid powertrain will shut down the engine.

Those affected will be called in to get their hybrid control module, automatic transmission control unit, and inverter software upgrades for free. Infiniti will start recalling those affected by the recall on the 9th of September.

Steven Estevez

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