In Midst Of Mass Effect 4 Dev, 3 Is Rejigged By Enterprising Mega-Fan

Mass Effect 4 is under construction and the fans are going insane! While most of them are managing to keep a lid on their emotions, one guy has decided to while away the hours by rewriting Mass Effect 3.

Gerry Pugliese might have been disappointed by the ending of Mass Effect 3 but instead of whining into his keyboard like loads of others, he took matters into his own hands and rewrote it!

Pugliese took an entire year to write his 539-page work and it’s got everything you’d expect – scripts, characters, scenarios, powers, enemies and romances. It’s well worth a read as it’s really well thought-out and plotted.

Mass Effect 3 saw the end of Commander Shepard and his crew – BioWare made this quite clear in its Mass Effect 4 announcement. The poor guy also met his end in a really bad way.

Pugliese made sure he included as much original detail in his rewrite as he could so he really did it justice – he will surely be approached by freelance programmers looking to work on his ideas.
He really has got some good ideas – have a look.

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