Improving Battery Life On iOS 7.1

For older generation iPhones, they are no longer receiving any further software updates. This can be a pain for iPhone users that are stuck on iOS 7.1 since the system is not great when it comes to sustaining battery life.

Well, that nightmare is over as we have come up with some tips to assist iPhone iOS 7.1 users in tackling poor battery life. They are as follow:

1. Identify the battery draining problem by heading to Settings> General> Usage. Record the usage time and put the iPhone into standby for 5 minutes. Check again and it should see the standby time increasing accordingly. Otherwise, the problem is with the phone not going to standby properly.

2. Make sure that apps are running at all times. The iOS 7.1 is built in a manner where it freezes all running apps that are unused. With no apps running, the iOS 7.1 mechanism will do a hidden tracking that will suck on the battery bit by bit.

3. Emails can sometime be a pain to the iPhone battery whenever a message gets stuck in a loop. As such, users need to adopt the habit of manually refreshing the email app to avoid this from happening.

4. Turning off battery percentage on the notification display also helps in reducing power usage. The formula is simple. The fewer the contents are on the screen, the less power is used.

5. Brightness is often the number one culprit in poor battery life. Always keep the iPhone’s brightness at its minimum unless when really required. Doing so will see a drastic improvement in battery life.

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