Huawei Mate 8 Got To Close To Samsung

It looks like Huawei might have skip to close to Samsung when they created the new Mate 8 because Samsung has now filed a lawsuit against Huawei in Beijing claiming that the smartphone manufacturer has infringed on six of their patents.

Not only does Samsung want Huawei to pay up $24.1 million in damages but they also want Beijing to block the sales of some of the Huawei product. Products that Samsung listed includes the Honor brand models and the Mate 8.

Samsung also added that they have tried to resolve the matter “amicably” but had to now take legal action against Huawei as Huawei has rebuffered those discussions.

This is not the first time these two smartphone manufacturers had gone to court over patent infringement issue. Huawei did file a lawsuit against Samsung over their 4G technology patent. Some fans think that this is Samsung’s way of paying back but that is just a matter of opinions.

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