HTC Vive: UK Fans Won’t Be Happy

If you are looking to get the HTC Vive VR headset in the UK, you might want to know that it will cost a little more to own one in the UK now as HTC will be increasing the price of the HTC Vive headset in the UK.

According to HTC, the reason behind the price hike was the drop of the British pounds against the dollars. They added that they will continue to monitor and adjust the price of their devices to make sure they device are offered with the best value.

The new price will come into effect this Monday (1st of August). Before the price hike, the HTC Vive was selling for £689 but those looking to get one now will have to cough out about £759.

The OnePlus 3 selling price was also revised last month. It is believed that UK’s vote to exit EU will lead to more price hikes for gadgets in the UK.

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