HTC Upcoming Smartphone To Come With An Edge Screen?

HTC has just released a new teaser for their upcoming smartphone and although the teaser itself does not reveal much about the device, some fans are saying that the hashtag is the biggest clue.

The teaser showed off the huge rear camera that the upcoming device will be coming with. The teaser then ended with the hashtag #BeEdgeir. Some people think that it does not mean anything, other think that it could be suggesting that the next HTC smartphone will be coming in with an Edge screen.

With the kind of success the Samsung device have right now, we won’t be surprised of HTC goes down that path as well.

It has been reported that the new smartphone could be the Desire 10 Pro and that it will be coming with a 5.5inch display and a 13MP rear camera. Other think that it might be the HTC One A9s.

More will be reveal when HTC officially announces it on the 20th this month. Check out the teaser here.


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