HTC One M8: Time For An Upgrade

Despite being a few years old now, some users are still holding on to their HTC One M8. Our question now is whether or not the HTC One M8 is still worth keeping.

A lot of people still seems to think that the HTC One M8 is one of the best HTC has come out with. That might be true but that does not change the fact that the HTC One M8 is a few years old and HTC has already stopped supporting it.

That means the users will not be getting the new Android 7.0 Nougat update and they won’t be able to try out all the new features. Some people might argue that there will be custom ROMs available but we know that it won’t be exactly the same.

Some users have already reported that the battery of the HTC One M8 has started deteriorating and since the battery can’t be removed, fixing it or replacing it is not going to be easy. If you were to upgrade from the HTC One M8, which of the new smartphone would you say is the best replacement right now?

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