HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish Design Figured Out?

The new Google Nexus devices should be making their debut soon and the fans are getting more and more excited especially after leaked images of the device started appearing online.

Based on the new leaked images, people have been coming out with renderings of the upcoming HTC Nexus device. The one seen here was created by the people over at Android Police who thinks that the HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish could come looking like this.

The device is of course, based on the current design language that HTC is offering. Unlike the previous model, Android Police envisions that the device will be coming in with a more vibrant exterior design.

The concept was given a bright red exterior along with black, gray and white. There is not a lot of details about the upcoming Nexus smartphones but we won’t mind it a bit if it ends up looking like this.

What do you think?

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