HTC Bolt: All That We Desire In A Packet

HTC managed to impress the consumers with their HTC Desire but there was one huge problem. The HTC Desire was not a premium smartphone but a mid-range model and because of that, people did not go for it.

It is now believed that HTC might be working on a new HTC device that will look like the Desire but will come with a premium spec instead. Called the HTC Bolt, it is said that the Bolt could be the successor for the HTC 10.

Based on the leak images we have so far, the HTC Bolt could be coming without a 3.5mm headphone jack as well. It also looked like HTC made a few changes to the layout of the device.

The flashlight position is different now and so is the position of the camera. If the Bolt does come with specs that matches devices like the S7 and the G5, the Bolt will be worth waiting for.


Steven Estevez

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