HTC 10 Successors Already In The Works

Despite everything the HTC 10 has to offer, it did not do as well as HTC wanted it to and since then, things have been very quiet on the side of HTC. This has led to many of their fans speculating that HTC might be thinking about taking a step back from the smartphone industry but luckily, that is not what’s happening now.

HTC made it clear that HTC has not given up on their smartphones just yet. Jeff Gordon, the HTC Senior PR Manager also added that they are actually working on future flagships right now. The fact that he said flagships and not flagship had got their fans all excite about the future.

Of course, we are expecting one of them to be the HTC 10 successor. We do not know what else HTC has planned but it is nice to know that HTC is still trying to come out with the right smartphone for their consumers.

Earlier reports have suggested that HTC is working on a new device codenamed Ocean. Protection Status