HTC 10 After 6 Months – How Does Poor Battery Sound?

The HTC 10 has been around for a few months now. After the disappointing flagship last year, their fans were hoping that HTC would make up to them with the HTC 10 this year but did they?

After having the smartphone for a few months, they users are now talking about their experience with the device and while everybody seems to be pretty happy with the HTC 10 in general, they are also a bit disappointed with the battery life of the device.

According to the users, they are getting about 3 to 4 hours of battery life out of the HTC 10 and some of them even said that they weren’t really pushing it. While turning off the auto brightness does help, the battery is still considered short.

However, they users does not seem to be too mad about it as the device charges pretty quickly thanks to the fast charging. What do you think of the HTC 10? Protection Status